Celebrity Driving Bans for long

Celebrity Driving BansCelebrity Driving Bans
(HMG Gossip News) – Celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles and that could not be more evident than in the cars that they drive. Often seen in top of the range vehicles they are the envy of many, especially when they are also able to carry out modifications to make the car more personal and better than any other on the road. However, just because they can afford the best does not necessarily mean that they have the ability to drive them well, or the discipline to be the designated driver on a night out. Within Hollywood there are continuous reports of stars being arrested for DUI and driving offenses and yet the constant streams of embarrassing mug shots never fail to raise a smile when the stars fall from grace.
One of the most entertaining stories to emerge in recent years is that of Mel Gibson and his subsequent fall from grace. On July 28th 2006 Gibson was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after being stopped for speeding in Malibu. This may not have made that many headlines if it hadn’t been for the infamous anti-Semitic remarks that Gibson made after the arrest. The tirade continued at the police station where he was videotaped asking a female officer “what are you looking at sugar tits?” Following the incident Gibson was banned from driving for 3 months and placed on probation for 3 years, but this was the least of his worries; his career has not been the same since.
In 2007 Paris Hilton was stopped by the Los Angeles County Sheriff for having no headlights on whilst speeding on Sunset Boulevard. Once she had been stopped the officer discovered that she had been driving on a suspended license. Hilton claimed that she had no knowledge of her license being suspended even though documentation she had signed confirming the suspension was in the glove compartment. Hilton’s license had been suspended after she plead ‘no contest’ to drink driving charges the year before, resulting in a fine and a driving ban. Following the incident Paris was sentenced to 45 days in jail and served 23 in Lynwood county facility.
Another young celebrity that has been caught out for driving offenses is Lindsey Lohan, who has been plagued by reports of drug and alcohol problems and is currently back in rehab. In October 2008 she was sued by three men who claimed that she had commandeered a vehicle in order to chase her assistant that she had recently fired. Police arrested her following the incident for drug charges and drink driving, and she served a grand total of 84 minutes in jail. Lohan was then jailed again this year for violating her probation for drug charges and pleading ‘no contest’ to three driving charges. It looks as though Lindsey’s problems are ongoing.
George Michael has been in the headlines recently for his driving after he ‘whammed’ into a Snappy Snap photography store in London earlier this year, having been found to be driving under the influence of drugs and in possession of cannabis. He was sentenced to eight weeks in jail, given a five year driving ban and fined £1250. This is not the first time that Michaels has found himself in a bit of bother whilst driving, in 2007 he was banned from driving for two years and given 100 hours of community service after Police discovered him slumped at the wheel of his Mercedes. Michaels was found guilty of being unfit for driving through “tiredness and taking prescription drugs”. When he was questioned about the incident he responded that “it was fairly predictable considering how much work I had done that week”. Well ,his actions mean he will need a driver for the next five years.
Looks like this trend within Hollywood is one that is set to continue.
source- HMG

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