Josh Duhamel kicked off NY flight for texting tantrum

Josh Duhamel kicked off NY flight for texting tantrumCelebrities are known for a sense of entitlement that’s almost absurd, but Josh Duhamel wins this week’s award; He was thrown off a crowded plane yesterday because he wouldn’t turn his BlackBerry off.
The 38-year old North Dakotan was on a flight from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Kentucky when he was asked by a flight attendant to shut down the device so the plane could take off. Josh refused.
One passenger even told TMZ that Duhamel was “very rude” and “taunting the attendant.”
The attendant then requested Josh to switch off the device two more times. On the third attempt he just laughed in her face.
Faced with such boorish indifference the attendant then called for backup, and the plane – which was already at the end of the runway and ready for take-off – had to go all the way back to the gate.
At that point two airport security officers boarded the plane and escorted Duhamel off.
And eyewitnesses says the other passengers were ‘seriously pissed,’ because the trip to the gate to get rid of Josh delayed their flight even more.
Deeply mired in damage control, Duhamel’s rep now says the actor was ‘texting about his flight being delayed.”
And what’s the response from his self-absorbed star? “He’s sorry,” claims the flunkie.
He certainly is. In more ways than one. But what’s your response Do you think Josh deserved to get dumped, or would you do the same?…

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